Abir is the initiative of the artist and their patron in India .Abir is about holding hands , creating synergy and serving. We will attempt to contribute towards expanding the universe of art and enhancing conversation around it . We help artist find its true worth and connect with art appreciators .

Celebrate true nature of life it's expression it's imagination by nurturing young artist providing them require support and help them facilitating group shows both on and digital. Join us and spread the conversation about colours.

Abir is created by Ruby jagrut an artist exponent in natural dyes.

Founder Trustee
Ruby Jagrut

Ruby Jagrut is an Artist who works in natural dyes for last two decades. She has used this delicate form of art to create signature series and art shows of paintings around India . She is not only sensitive and passionate painter but and also a teacher -guide of natural dyes for art, textile and design students. She has well over forty-eight exhibitions behind her, over eight of which were solo show. She has conducted many workshops/ demonstrations/ lectures around this theme. She was initiated into the world of natural dyes by illustrious Toofan Rafai, to whom she owes her artistic creations, approach and philosophy. Samples of her work can be seen at rubyjagrut.com.